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Savings & Investment Advice

We construct robust, well-diversified and adaptable portfolios in line with your objectives and attitude to risk. Savings and Investments should not be seen as a one-off event, so you receive regular reviews of your portfolio to ensure all of the variables are considered and the portfolio adjusted where necessary.


Peace of mind knowing that your wealth is in safe hands

Whether you wish to create, preserve or grow your wealth, it is vital you have a robust plan in place. With constant changes to the economic, political, regulatory and financial environment, it is crucial that your savings and investments are aligned and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are financially prepared for the future to assist in achieving your goals.

Your personal financial adviser will select a portfolio with an asset allocation that is aligned to your agreed risk tolerance and is the most appropriate for your investment and financial planning needs.

Independent Investment Service

The function and depth of our Investment Committee has developed over the years and is now an integral functions of the business which helps to ensure Fogwill & Jones Wealth Management can deliver the very best outcomes for our clients. We monitor the World’s Global Macro Economies and Investment markets on a daily basis to ensure the correct asset allocation to the world’s geographical areas and to allocations to individual sectors to ensure we don’t invest into sectors at the wrong time.

Being an Independent advice firm we are able to consider and recommend a wide range of investment funds and products that could meet your needs and objectives, and will give unbiased and unrestricted advice.

An alternative approach is known as ‘Restricted Advice’. A ‘restricted’ advice firm can only recommend certain products, product providers, or both. This means they might only offer products from one company, or just one type of product.

An adviser offers restricted advice where they work with or for a product provider and only offer advice on the products that the company offers.

In more recent times the service ‘Robo-advice’ has emerged from the US. ‘Robo-advice’ tends to mean ‘it does the investing for you’, not financial advice, as it is often assumed here in the UK. This type of service does not tend to give advice at all, but some simplified solution limited to one or more specific needs, such as recommending an investment risk category based on an algorithm (a set of rules to be followed in a calculation). A major advantage of the ‘Robo-advice’ is that you can start investing with small sums – as low as £1 in certain cases.

Your approach to investing is one of personal choice, however we are proud to be independent and provide what we feel are real benefits to our clients.

Our Independent Investment Service frees you from the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions, which can arguably be better made by a qualified Investment Manager who is attuned to the vagaries of the market. Fogwill & Jones Wealth Management independence allows us invest to create further diversification across multiple funds, sectors and fund groups and manage your overall portfolio with far better dynamics and choices for ever changing markets.

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