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Bespoke Wealth Planning Service

Our approach to wealth management provides two distinct but complementary services of Independent Financial Planning; we act on an advisory or discretionary basis.


Creating a personalised assessment of your financial situation

Our approach to wealth management provides two distinct but complementary services of Independent Financial Planning; we act on an advisory or discretionary basis.

The advisory approach is based on a written client agreement. We recommend an investment or action, which you can then accept or reject. Our advisers follow the regulatory principle of “know your client” before giving advice and record the key information about your objectives, attitude to risk and general circumstances. Each transaction must be authorised by our clients.

The discretionary approach is based on a written discretionary management agreement, which confirms your objectives and attitude to risk, and defines our remit and powers. We have the authority to make decisions day to day on your behalf, within the parameters of the agreement, without seeking authorisation for each transaction.

By working through a series of logical steps, your adviser will help you gain a better understanding of the options available. And by working together, you will devise and implement the most appropriate financial solution to help you achieve your objectives.

6 steps to creating a successful financial plan

We have a 6 step process for successfully creating and managing our client’s portfolios:-


Establish and define the client-adviser relationship

  • We will clearly explain and document the services that we will provide to you and define both our and your responsibilities during the financial planning process.
  • We will explain fully how we are paid and by whom.
  • We will also agree on how long the professional relationship should last and on how decisions will be made.

Getting to know our clients

  • Together we will define and prioritise your personal and financial objectives.
  • We will gather details on your current and future financial circumstances and the timescales to achieve your objectives.
  • We will establish and agree your attitude to risk, both generally and towards the specific investments under consideration.

Analyse and evaluate your financial position

  • We will analyse this information to establish whether your current position will achieve your stated objectives and whether they should be rearranged to help you benefit.

Develop and deliver your personalised recommendation

  • We will present our analysis and recommendations to best achieve the objectives agreed.
  • The recommendation will cover your objectives, age and life cycle, attitude to risk, current and future financial circumstances, timescales, attitude to responsible investments and tax position.
  • Your adviser will go over the recommendations with you to ensure you fully understand them so that you can make informed decisions.

Implementing our recommendation

  • We will issue you with the necessary documents to complete the recommended strategy.
  • We will handle the interaction with the financial providers on your behalf.

Monitoring and ongoing reviews

  • Your adviser will conduct regularly reviews with you to ensure any changes in circumstances such as objectives, risk tolerance and any other relevant information, such as regulatory changes are taken into account.
  • We also assess the performance of your portfolios to determine the level of volatility and returns.
  • We consider regular reviews to be an essential part of financial planning advice.

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